• Garlic Bread

  • Tzatsiki

  • Fava

  • Koukouvagia

  • Fresh potato chips

  • Fried graviera cheese

  • Fried saganaki feta cheese in pastry

  • Variety of cheese-sausages

  • Mushrooms sauteed in mauridafni wine

  • Bureks ala polita with basturma

  • Village sausages

  • Apaki with cream

  • Siglino with spinach and egg

  • Grilled beef liver

  • Fried squid

  • Mussels with basil pesto

  • Stuffed cabbage leave with shrimps

  • Fried shrimps

Main Dishes

  • Mushroom Rissoto

  • Rissoto with Apaki

  • Cereals Rissoto with Salmon

  • Grante cappeloni with prosciutto and parmezan sauce

  • Pappardelle with siglino and tomato

  • Pappardelle with basil pesto

  • Pappardelle with chicken – spinach and lemon cream

  • Ligueine with vegetables

  • Ligueine with salmon

  • Barley-shaped pasta with shrimps and vegetables

  • Chicken fillets with pesto basil

  • Chicken wrapped in pastry with talagani cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomato

  • Chicken fillet with champagne sauce, prosciutto and mushrooms

  • Terderloin with roquefort sauce

  • Terderloin with vegetablels and graviera cheese

  • Terderloin with mushrooms

  • Beef burger filled with feta cheese, tomato and pepper sauce

  • Lamb shank with rice

  • Lamb in the oven with traditional spaghetti and sauce pesto

  • Pork spare rips with barbeque sauce

  • Sea bass filled with shrimps and asparagus


  • Country salad

    (tomato, cucumber, feta,onions, pepers, olives)

  • Seasonal boiled vegetables

  • Rethymniotiki

    (baked potato,rusks,sundried tomato,courgette, grated feta cheese,boiled eggs and vinaigrette sauce)

  • Apaki-kinoa

    (green salad, apaki, kinoa and tachini sauce)

  • Corina salad

    (mixed salad with cabbage, carrot, lettuce,tomato, cucumber, graviera cheese, nuts, balsamic sauce)

  • Honey

    (salad with lola, rosa lettuce, baby arugula, orange slices, fresh strawberries and honey sauce)

On the Grill

  • Grilled beef burger

  • Pork steak (700gr)

  • Tanderloin

  • Chicken fillet

  • Lamb chops

  • Beef steak (600gr)

  • Mixed grill (for 2 persons)

  • Tomahawk (1.200gr)

  • Fillet steak


  • Sfakiani pite with honey

  • Soufle chocolat with ice-cream

  • Baklavas

  • Τzebremes homemade


  • Pepper

  • Mavrodafni wine

  • Roquefort

  • Ala cream


  • Water 1Ltr

  • Sparkling water 330ml

  • Sparkling water 750ml

  • Soft Drinks 250ml

  • Beers Αmstel, Ηeineken, Fix 500ml

  • Beers Κaiser 500ml

  • Raki karaf 100ml

  • Oyzo karaf 200ml

  • Tsipouro Karaf 200ml

  • Retsina 500ml

  • Wine white/rose/red 250ml

  • Wine white/rose/red 500ml

  • Wine white/rose/red 1Ltr

  • Mythos beer drauft 330ml

  • Mythos beer drauft 500ml

Special Dishes

  • Menu Item

    Risotto $9.99

    Fillet of beef, chicken, bamboo, onions & garlic.

  • Menu Item

    Shrimp Curry $9.99

    Slightly spicy shrimp and vegetables.

  • Menu Item

    Mushroom with Truffle Oil $13.99

    With garlic, onion and red wine.

  • Menu Item

    Penne with Chicken and Zucchini $8.99

    With a cream and tomato sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Tagliatelle Salmon $8.99

    Onion, garlic, vodka in a creamy tomato sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Tagliatelle Bon Fillet $12.99

    With beetroot confit, horseradish and mandarin sauce

  • Menu Item

    Penne Spinach and Sesame $9.99

    Onion, garlic, sesame seeds in a fresh cream sauce.

  • Menu Item

    Beef in Lemon Sauce $3.99

    Beef medallions served with basmati rice.

  • Menu Item

    Beefburger Roquefort $8.99

    Homemade patties , served with pureed potato.

  • Menu Item

    Pork Fillet with Mustard Sauce $9.99

    Served with grilled vegetables.